Thorrin Course Categories

Digital networks now encompass all areas of life and an understanding of how this affects your security systems has never been more valuable.

Personal Privacy Protection

Possibly the most urgent training required by everyone today. Your personal security is under threat. We teach you how to protect yourself in the age of social media and the Internet of Things.

Cyber Security Courses

We teach your staff how to remain compliant with EU  legislation (GDPR) through everyday best practice.

Learn the language of secure physical security and its implementation.

Video Courses

Learn to choose the appropriate camera solution from the plethora of options. Discover why you need them, where to place them and how to use them effectively.

Electronics Courses

In this world of disposable electronics, knowledge of the fundamentals of electronic components and circuits is getting forgotten. This knowledge is essential to success in the field; we fill this skills gap.

All of our courses are designed to provide the essential information to ensure effectiveness. Our courses are interactive, hands-on, informative and assessed.



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