BBC Panorama: Hacked

BBC Panorama: Hacked

Last night I caught the end of Panorama’s Hacked TV show on BBC 1. I’m amazed how much people don’t know about keeping themselves private and safe online.

It reminded me of the question I constantly hear. I wish I had a pound for every time I’ve heard it.

“I’ve got nothing to hide!”

To understand why I have a problem with this thinking, I would like you to mull over this question…

If you have nothing to hide, why is everyone so interested in getting your information?

Have you ever uttered those words? Chances are that you cannot answer this question now. This would be because you don’t and therefore cannot think like a person who would exploit anyone else’s information. As admirable as this is, it is dangerous to think this way. Not only is it dangerous to yourself, your partner, your family and friends but also to the society around you as a whole.

Our sensibility of privacy has been eroded.

Fifteen years ago if anyone had suggested that a large foreign company place a listening device in your house to listen to your every conversation, you would have laughed at them or felt a cold shiver crawl over your back. Today you go out and pay to have one placed in your home. What changed? A slow and steady erosion of your sensibilities and security consciousness over the last few years. If the trend continues, those of us who still see the listening bug in plain site as a massive invasion of privacy will lose the right to avoid it. We will be beyond choice and forced into having one to continue to live as others in the modern world.

The answer is very simple

They want to have control over you; which gives them power; which gives them money and robs you of your control, your power and your money.

There are so many devious and easy ways into your home, your personal information and your lives. This can easily become a massive insurmountable problem for those targeted for exploitation.

Who would want to exploit you?

Your nosy neighbourhood child looking for revenge after you backed your car over his prized toy car; the colleague at work who wasn’t able to get the better of you, an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend with and axe to grind. So far, no big deal.

What about the large multinational that wants to target you with adverts no matter how inappropriate they may be. Or the government party looking to see if you will vote for them or are an enemy of their party. Or the hacker who needs to steal money from online accounts or the door to door thief looking to steal your keyless entry car.

What if someone wanted to use CCTV footage from inside your bedroom as revenge or ransom? What if the current government has access to your cocktail party conversations in order to create a profile of enemies of the party and therefore the state? It may sound like science fiction but then so did mobile computers in our pocket, self driving cars and television accessible from any corner of the Earth. They are now all reality, will these situations also become reality?

Do you still want all of your private information cast across the world? Do you still think you have nothing to hide?

The only cure is knowledge!

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